1. Star Wars Force Link BB-8 2-in-1 Mega Playset including Force Link.  $111 at Amazon.                                                       
    BB-8 playset  This is the 1st playset that hasbro has put out since Revenge of the Sith. At almost 2 feet tall this playset is impressive. It comes with a force link bracelet and two 3.75 action figures.  This is the only way to get Snoke in 3.75 form.  The figures and sections of the playset can talk and make noises with the bracelet.  The set originally cost $199.  Most stores like Target, Walmart and ToysRus will match Amazon.

  2. Lenovo - Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges - AR Headset with Lightsaber Controller and Tracking Beacon $199 at Bestbuy
    Lightsaber  Feel the Force as you fight for galactic peace with the Lenovo Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges AR headset. It works with an iOS or Android smartphone to enable the game app, letting you engage in virtual Jedi duels, strategic combat and holochess. This Lenovo Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges AR headset includes a lightsaber controller and a tracking beacon to arm you for battle. So far, I have only seen this at Best Buy.

  3. Star Wars Battlefront II $59.99 at Amazon Battlefront II is available everywhere.
    Battlefront II Despite all the bad press, this is a great game for a Star Wars fan.  The single player campaign is a good story and with the additional free download the story is tied right into The Last Jedi. The environments are so beautiful.  You can play a board over and over and not see everything.

  4. Star Wars The Black Series Centerpiece Darth Vader $25.99 at Amazon Deal of the list  The price for the this was originally $59.99.  Amazon brought it down to $49.99 last week.  Now it is $25.59                                                             
    Darth Vader  The Black Series Centerpiece Darth Vader, looks amazing.  It has lights and a base that recreates the empire boarding the Tantive IV. Darth Vader is a stationary figure, however you can add black series stormtroopers and rebel soldiers (rebel soldiers coming in 2018).  This will allow you to recreate the opening scene in A New Hope.

  5. Star Wars Force Link Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Battle 3-Pk $24.99 Target (Exclusive)
    Jedi 3-pack This is the only exclusive on the list.  This Jedi 3-pack features: the Emperor, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and a Royal Guard.  The Royal guard is one the best ever produced.  The Emperor looks amazing he comes with two sets of hands, normal and lightning.  Luke is a good figure but there have been better versions of him.  The best part of this set is that it works with force link, so all the figures talk and have sound affects