I really wanted to see this one because I knew about the house and was interested in seeing how they would explain the reasoning behind building such a crazy house. That and Helen Mirren attaching herself to a scary movie peaked my interest. I mean, what's The Queen doing in this film, right?

While it definitely made you uncomfortable and jump a few times like that of a good thriller, I wouldn't put this one in the horror category. It wasn't overly gory or so out there as to be considered a complete work of fiction. Again, this house IS real and the architecture (ie, stairs to nowhere, rooms that are permanently locked) is as bananas as described. So the storyline present makes sense and provides audiences with a decent explanation as to why it was built the way it was. Hopefully, it'll add some tourism dollars to the estate too-I know I want to check it out one day!


So if you enjoy a good thriller loosely based in the truth, check this one out. Again, ghosts are kind of the whole film so if you're okay with being creeped out, I say go for it.