Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth - Review

Sunday October 7th began the new season of Doctor Who and the introduction of the 13th Doctor, portrayed by the amazing Jodie Whittaker.


If you are new to the Doctor Who world, there has never been a better time to join the rest of us Whovians! Jodie brings a wonderful light and newness to the role of the Doctor. She possesses all the traits that make the Doctor a character we love - empathy, toughness, compassion, and curiosity.

If you have not seen the new season premiere, then press pause on your reading and go watch it cause - Spoilers ;)

The premiere starts with introducing us to the people who will become the 13th Doctor's companions - that's right once again the Doctor is going to have multiple companions. Ryan Sinclair, his Nan, Grace, her significant other Graham, and Yasmin Khan a young police officer in training.

Similar to companions from the past, these characters are thrust into helping the Doctor when she literally falls into their lives. It is during this meeting that we get one of my favorite comedic moments, which is also a bit of a throwaway to address the Doctor's change in gender. Yasmin addresses the Doctor as ma'am, to which the Doctor replies, "Why do you call me ma'am?", Yasmin responds with "Because you're ... a woman?" to which the Doctor counters, "I am? Does it suit me?". I really enjoyed the bit of comedy while not making a huge deal or forcefully reminding the audience that the Doctor is now a woman.

Also, a surprise with this premiere was that the first monster of the season was a brand-new monster, one we've never seen before. This Predator type creature can kill humans by touching his ice hand to their face killing them instantly, and then taking one of the victim's teeth and attaching it to his face.

He comes to Earth looking for a specific human, where the goal of this particular scavenger hunt is to return with “the trophy” and the winner will be come the leader of the species.

As one can imagine, the Doctor does not take kindly to a human being taken as a trophy, but instead of trying to figure this out on her own, she takes problem-solving to the team level taking each companion's skills into account to save the day.

There was a sad moment in this episode, and that was when Grace, Ryan's Nan, a lady full of love and compassion herself, while trying to help to Doctor dies. It is not often that we have a companion die in the first episode, but this death brings significant change to Ryan and Graham, as Grace was very important to both of them.

Another one of my favorite parts about this premiere was, not only did we see the Doctor going through the regeneration process, she walked us through and explained what was happening to her as she regenerated. We also got to watch her build her Sonic Screwdriver, and that was a process in and of itself that was great to see.

I can't wait to see how this season is going to progress and what new adventures this 13th Doctor will go on and how it will change the world we live in.

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