The Commuter

Son of a B! Liam Neeson done got me again y'all!

I was going to see this of course, but I genuinely believed it would be crap. I love me some Neeson but he keeps giving us the SAME films!

In the trailer for this flick, we once again see Neeson on the phone with a mystery person and AGAIN, find that he's been framed for something he didn't do. AGAIN members of his family have been threatened. And AGAIN, he somehow has a set of skills that he uses to solve the mystery and save the day.

But dammit you guys-it was so freaking good! Yes, as I mentioned a lot o the elements from his previous films are still very much a part of the plot here but it was just different enough to keep you interested. And, if you're one of those fans who comes for the action-you certainly won't be disappointed!

adobe-spark-post (1).png

The start of the film was nice too-not too long or drawn out, but set up in a way that you get to know his character and what his life is all about.

My only real disappointment was figuring out who the bad guy was. Let me rephrase, I figured out who ONE of the bad guys were almost immediately. But thankfully they've left the story somewhat open ended so don't be surprised if we get a sequel y'all!