Shape of Water

I was intrigued by the trailer for this one and was interested in seeing how the story would unfold. It actually reminded me a lot of an M. Night joint. I was entertained but still left with a few questions and that's something I really like in a film. Always leave them wanting more. 

As you can figure out from the trailer, this film is about two women who clean a government facility. One gal is mute and curious while her coworker is outspoken but cautious and just wants to do her job and get back home each day. 

Eliza, the mute gal, lives above a movie theater and has a great relationship with her next door neighbor, an interesting fellow in his own right. 

One day, the lab the women are cleaning comes alive with activity as an "asset" is brought in to be studied. The women overhear a lot of conversations about the "asset" and government officials visiting and what to do should the Russians discover what they have. This is where the real story begins.

Being curious, Eliza begins sneaking into the lab when everyone leaves for the evening and discovers the "asset" at the subject of conversation is an aquatic-alien-like creature. He is human in shape for the most part but has giant bug eyes, fins and blue, green and gold scales. He stands upright but prefers swimming in salt water most of the time. As Eliza spends more time alone with this creature, she develops affection for him and forms a plan to free him from the lab and enlists the help of her two friends. 

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While I don't know that everyone will enjoy this film as much as I had, I will say the story telling was excellent and made the audience believe that it could have been based on true events. The characters had real-life quirks and conflicts and the "creature" wasn't made to be this out-of-this-world entity. Instead, he was almost like a mermaid. A creature realistic enough that you'd believe his kind really had existed at one point in time. 

If you've got the time and want to check out something different, give this one a look.