Proud Mary

I wasn't sure how I felt about this film after seeing the trailer a few times. To me it looked interesting, but not interesting enough. It seemed as though Taraji was playing a hit-woman who was either double crossed or facing one of her toughest jobs yet. It really wasn't that clear.

The film was ACTUALLY about a crime family that Taraji worked for, for years. Apparently she owed a debt to the head of the family but had been thinking about retiring for a little while. The film opens with Mary (Taraji) out on a job. She takes out someone who crossed the family but found out the person she killed had a young son and she basically just made the kid an orphan. Bummer.

She keeps tabs on the kid and when he gets into some trouble of his own, steps in to keep him safe. The rest of the story line snowballs from there.

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While I didn't hate the film, it started out extremely slow and we really didn't get a ton of action until the last 15 minutes or so-certainly not what was advertised. And what really stinks, was the action sequence we DO get was really good, but lasted all of five minutes! I wanted more! And I'd be pretty surprised if they gave us a sequel so, you're going to leave feeling kind of cheated.

In summary, it was good, but not great :(