Game Night

While I knew this one would be funny-I DID NOT expect to laugh as often or as hard as I did watch this sucker!

Listen, it's not realistic by any means, I get that. No way any of this would go down in real life. But that's part of the appeal, isn't it? Kind of the whole reason we go to the movies right? So putting all that aside, this film was just pure fun! 


Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are great together and the entire cast worked really well. I believed these folks were friends and the great chemistry between all of them made the laughs bigger and made audiences root for the whole squad to succeed. It's a nice goofy comedy. Outrageous like Pitch Perfect or Neighbors but a little smarter (these guys are in their late 30s after all). 

Take your friends, take your significant others and get out there and have some fun!