Doctor Who: The Tsuranga Conundrum - Review

How is it possible that with this episode we are at the halfway point of season 11? It doesn’t seem possible.

Already this season we have made new friends and encountered new villains. Normally by this point in the season, the episode arcs have all been connected in some way leading to some foreshadowing of where our weekly adventures will go - however with the new show runners are going a different way about it and I have to say the unknown of where we will go each week is both nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time.

So let’s jump into The Tsuranga Conundrum, and as always Sweeties, Spoilers Ahead!!

The episode opens up with The Doctor and her friends searching an alien rubbish planet when they accidentally unearth a sonic landmine. With the device going off the episode goes dark and comes back with the Doctor being awakened after her friends on a hospital ship that has picked them up taking them to the nearest facility. This sends the Doctor into a bit of a panic as the TARDIS has been left behind on the rubbish planet.

While we have seen the Doctor injured and unlike in past episodes, this episode this episode didn’t show the Doctor bounce right back. Instead throughout the episode at different points, the Doctor is in pain, and we are not told what is wrong. As the Doctor tries to figure out where they are the ship is infiltrated by a Pting, a voracious little creature that will eat anything that emits energy. As the Pting eats its way through the ship, the main hub for the ship tries to inquire what the intrusion on board is, the doctor ignores the inquiries three times and therefore tells the hub that the ship has been taken over and the controllers at the hub will send a command to destroy the ship.

With the help of her friends as well as ace fighter pilot, General Eve Cicero, her brother Durkas (an engineer), an Android named Ronan, Yoss - a male alien who is about to give birth to a baby boy, and the med tech Mabli, the Doctor has more people to help her in this adventure and get everyone to safety.

One of the things that I found quite interesting in this episode was the interactions between Yoss, Ryan, and Graham. Ryan is dealing with coming to terms about his dad who has been in and out of the picture of his life for years, and he sees in Yoss how a man can be scared to be a father on his own, but it is through this meeting that Ryan realizes what his dad might have been going through and is able to help Yoss realize that even though he won’t be perfect, just being there will be enough for his son.

While the details of this adventure are different from other episodes, this type of “under siege” concept is one that is quite familiar in the Doctor Who franchise. In fact, the first episode like this that aired with Doctor Who was back during the run of the 2nd Doctor. It definitely keeps the adrenaline pumping though so it’s a concept that I think we will continue to see pop up for years and Doctor’s to come.

While it is always interesting to see how the Doctor and his/her friends will react in these situations I am glad to see that the episodes that follow the “under siege” concept have not become cookie cutter and have their own unique qualities.

There was part of me that found my mind drifting at points, where the story might have dragged, and while I appreciate the parts of the story between the General, her brother and Ronan the Android, I felt that perhaps there were parts of it that were filler things for parts of the episode that they didn’t know what to do with holes in the story.

While this was an exciting episode I will be honest that it was not one of my favorites, which is very few and far between that I say that, because I am such a HUGE Doctor Who fan, but I still have high hopes for where this season is headed!

Thanks for checking out my review of Doctor Who Episode #5 - The Tsuranga Conundrum.

What did you think about the “under siege” concept of this episode? Was there a part that you thought was just filler for parts of the action that they didn’t show?

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