Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument - Review

When last we saw the Doctor she and her friends had been transported to the middle of space, what cliffhanger that was, right? (Don't forget Sweeties - Spoilers Ahead!!)

As they float in space a ship appears and we think the whole gang will be rescued. While this is accurate, in true Doctor Who fashion, there is a twist. Graham and Ryan are rescued by one ship, while Yaz and the Doctor are rescued by a different ship.

We learn that both pilots are the last two standing in a race across the universe for a huge prize. On the planet Desolation, we are in the final race to the finish line and the Doctor with the help of Yaz, Ryan, Graham, and their new friends Epzo & Angstorm must cross dangerous terrain of an unknown planet to reach what is called the Ghost Monument - A monument that is only visible for seconds every few thousand years.

When asking to see the monument, the Doctor is greeted by the friendly appearance of her Tardis! The big question is, will the gang make it to the Tardis in time, or be stranded on an alien planet?

I loved the look of this episode, shooting on location in South Africa really brought a new depth to what we were seeing visually. Unfortunately, some things that I have noticed with this new season, is that unlike past seasons, there is not much explanation to what is happening.

For example, in the first episode, nothing was said about the Doctor falling from the Tardis and landing on her feet in the train. Also in this episode, when the Doctor and her friends are floating in space, they do not freeze, explode or boil - which is actually explained by Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor in the season 10 episode entitled "Oxygen".

We see more of Ryan, Yaz & Graham's personalities come through in this episode as well. The conflict between Ryan and Graham is discussed between the two of them, and we come to see Graham as the rock of the group. These traits that Graham has bring me back to characters of the past, such as Donna’s Granddad from the 10th Doctor and Rory’s dad from the 11th Doctor.

One part that I found interesting in this episode was the role reversal between the Doctor and her companions. Usually when times get tough it is the Doctor who provides the glimmer of hope to the companions. However, in this episode it is the Doctor who begins to despair and when all seemed lost. She even apologies to the group because she promised to get everyone home, but feels she has failed. But it is the group that provided hope for the Doctor by saying they have survived this together and they can get home together.

Hearkening back to the 50th Anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor" all hope seems lost, but at that moment the Tardis sounds and they are filled with hope as they see the Tardis appear, and this time instead of disappearing, it anchors itself and we finally see the 13th Doctor's Tardis.

As Ryan puts it, "This is proper awesome" but to describe the new Tardis would be near impossible for a mere mortal like me so check out this walk through of the new Tardis

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