The Belko Experiment Review

Though I haven’t read the comic this film was based off of, I can tell you it’s another Blumhouse hit! This film plays out very much like The Purge only (spoiler alert!), a lot bloodier! While it ended predictably, they did set this thing up for a sequel which would be kind of cool. I’ll be interested to see how they change it up because watching 100 people killing each other in an office building multiple times is going to get pretty boring.

As with most “horror” films (I feel like Gore should be its own genre by now don’t you?), you figure out almost immediately whose going to bite it and who’ll more than likely survive. I wasn’t mad about it though. In fact, I was surprised by who the writer killed off (and how quickly we had to say goodbye!).

Is it one of the best films out there? Of course not. But is it worth a look? I certainly think so. If you’re a fan of anything Blumhouse and like films along the line of The Purge, check out The Belko Experiment.