Action Point Review

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Johnny Knoxville is back!...Again. Just when you thought he and his Jackass pals were through, they deliver yet another goofy flick. While there are real stunts in which folks got truly hurt (Johnny at one point actually gets knocked out) there was an actual storyline to this one which was a nice change. It's very "Indy" feeling and completely off the cuff but in an oddly structured sort of way. In one scene Johnny's character, DC, got a little emotional and we finally got a little taste of Knoxville's "range". I won't go saying he's on his way to becoming the next Tom Cruise, but it is nice seeing the boys of Jackass (Chris Pontius is in this one and has to utilize his "acting chops" a bit as well) doing something new. 
I won't say this movie is anything special, but it is enjoyable enough so check it out. 

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