K.I.N. Movie Review


What to say, what to say? This flick was all over the place!

You have a family in crisis, scary white trash drugs lords, a sleazy strip club owner, aliens (yes, aliens!) and a little kid in the middle of it all trying to protect his brother while coming into his own. Oh, and Zoe Kravitz. 

While I enjoyed it, there was just too damn much crammed into this bad boy. So much in fact, that the ending felt so rushed and the explanation as to why things went down the way they had was so simplified that it left you feeling jipped. 

I'm in the theater watching everything come to a head and then we find out what's going on with the "aliens" and you're like, for real though?? That's how you're going to leave it? It was almost insulting. They left it open for a sequel but considering how poorly this first film was advertised, I highly doubt they made enough scratch at the box office to go forward with another one. Which is a real shame because, again, at the end of the day I did enjoy it but holy heck was it a lot of stuff in one random flick. 

See it for yourself and let me know how you felt once it was all over.