The Predator Movie Review

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Okay. Where to begin y'all? This bad boy was FUN! Was it cheesy? Sure thing. Were the characters goofy? You betcha. Were there some god-awful one liners? Of course. Was it a legit Predator movie? Oh hell to the yes people!

Listen, it had all of the classic elements of the previous films. It was campy, the characters were a mixed bag of random, there was gore, there was action, there was comedy, there was heart, and there was the tiniest hint of storyline. 

This is a movie to simply be enjoyed. They won't be winning a single damned award but who cares? You go to movies like this to just have some fun and watch stuff get blown up. And that's exactly what we've been given. A stereotypical "guys movie" to be sure but again, if you go to the movies just to sit back, forget about the craziness going on in the rest of the world and have a little fun, this is exactly what you should be seeing. They set it up for a sequel and while I don't think they should make one, I'm pretty positive they're going to keep this franchise going no matter how crappy their ticket sales are. Some people just won't let certain things die. I ain't mad about it though.