Baby Driver

I have so much to say. Like, so-very-much-to say!
How do you write a love letter to a movie? This is going to be one hot mess and I apologize in advance. I’m just THAT hyped!
I think most audiences were a little turned off by the film because of its title. Even I was kind of side-eyeing it for a while but then the first trailer was unleashed and I was all in! For weeks I was going around like, “yo, have you seen this trailer yet?” and the response was always the same: “Baby Driver? Really?” Then they’d watch and come back like, “yo! Baby Driver!” Exactly people. Exactly.

Listen, I’m an action lover through and through and when I saw the trailer for this bad boy, I might have peed a little…. Every single time I saw it-which was like multiple times a week over a six month period. To say I was looking forward to this is an understatement. 
As of right now, I’m calling this the best movie of the year. I’m sorry Wonder Woman, I’m sorry Guardians 2. But it’s true.
It was action packed, fun as hell and so damned original!!

The star power is there for sure, but I genuinely think this movie would’ve still stood out on its own with a no-name cast. The writing was just brilliant! They gave us background stories for nearly every character but did it in such a way as to not detract from the main plot of the film and you just have to appreciate that. The big issue most major blockbusters are having these days is how to properly tell a story and give you just enough context to understand what’s happening without taking up a huge chunk of time. And Baby Driver does this flawlessly. We are awed by the action but are still given enough info to walk out of the theater without questioning certain holes in the plot-because there aren’t any.

I will say, maybe the one thing they don’t cover, is how Kevin Spacey’s character ends up hiring his bank robbers (played by Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Flea (yeah, that Flea), etc). But literally everything else is explained. Baby’s back story, how he got connected with Kevin, why he keeps working for him even though he doesn’t have the stomach for violence and why music matters so much to him; are all woven into the story like a flawless tapestry. Not one stitch of plot line takes away from anything else. You get a little taste of what’s going on in Baby’s head and then you’re right back into the chaos.

And it’s actually pretty darn funny at times too. Not the heavy-revenge driven stories we’re used to getting from Hollywood. But a quirky-revenge driven story with heart. It’s like, John Wick-Light: more cars, less guns, but same general motivation and speed-driven action from scene to scene. (If you haven’t seen John Wick: well, I just can’t with you.)

I really can’t say enough about this movie. I don’t think there was anything I didn’t like about it. I would say it’s not one for everyone but that would be a lie as I truly can’t imagine anyone would walk away from this film having not enjoyed it. It’s simply a good time. It’s seriously badass. Get there. 

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