The Mummy

The trailers would have you believe this bad boy was packed with special effects and insane action sequences. And while you got a healthy helping of both in this film, the story itself was an overall wash. It started out strong enough, a little Indiana Jones-type scenario: Two treasure hunters trick the team they’re with into believing they’re along to help but instead they sneak off to a dangerous area with only a vague map with the classic “x marks the spot” to guide them. Calamity ensues but low and behold-they find the treasure they’ve been searching for…or at least that’s what they think. 

I had mixed feelings about this film. The trailers looked great but I heard a ton of folks saying that this was going to be a remake of the Brendan Fraiser franchise and I just didn’t see it. I thought, “how could they possibly do that when the story seems so different from those films?” While it was different, the studio intended this to re-boot the old franchise. This was supposed to be an add-on of sorts. Only, they never get around to actually connecting this with the previous films so how they expect anyone in the audience to make that connection is beyond me.

They did attempt to throw in an Easter egg from the old franchise: There’s a scene in which Tom Cruise is fighting Russell Crowe and some books get displaced and one of the books that falls to the floor is the one used in the old films to summon the Mummy. But the shot of the book is so brief I doubt anyone would get it and for folks that haven’t seen those previous films, it goes over your head completely. They don’t even mention the previous Mummies or the team of explorers who have been down a similar path before.

Oh and Russell Crowe is randomly Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. It makes no sense and adds nothing whatsoever to the film. It actually presents itself as more of the brain-fart than an integral part of the storyline.

Even that, I was able to excuse. I enjoyed this movie for the most part, sat in the theater for a full 2 hours thinking “well, this isn’t the worst” and then they wrap it up.

People, believe me when I tell you, this sucker had one of the worst endings of all time. It was a complete after thought. I honestly believe the writers couldn’t figure out how to end it so they just tacked something on, on the fly. This whole film was action and creepy jump scares and crazy visual effects but they ended it like a kitschy rom-com adventure. And you’re left sitting there thinking “wait….what now? That’s it? That’s seriously the end?” Sure they left it wide open for a sequel but after that, who the hell would want to see more?

See it and form your own opinions. But I thought it was an absolute waste. Complete let down and one I’ll be happy to never watch again.

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