Wonder Woman

The number one question I’ve been getting from folks who aren’t comic-film fans has been, “What makes Wonder Woman so good?”

First of all, why didn’t I get that question when I talked about how great Guardians was? Or Avengers, or The Dark Knight? 

You want to know why Wonder Woman was so great? Because the world finally got to watch a woman kick some serious tail without being given permission by a guy to do so. In fact, Diana kept being told “no”, to “know her place”, to “wait”, throughout the entire movie. And finally girlfriend just couldn’t take it and told everyone to step back and let her do the damn thing. Which is pretty much how women have been getting things done for centuries.

Listen, DC is notorious for editing their films to death and then presenting a completely different story in their trailers. That’s why all of the films to this point have been total let downs. Marvel has been guilty of this too, but we’re talking one rotten egg out of every five films. Not five crap films in a row as we’ve been given by DC. Really think about it; Suicide Squad was marketed as a film about Harley and the Joker and instead we got a film that was a little bit about the Enchantress and a whole lot about Deadshot (I kind of wondered how they got Will Smith to sign on-now we know). Batman vs. Superman gave us a lot of emo back story and a ten minute fight scene between our two heroes. I’m sorry, but y’all need to figure out how to tell a story.

I mean really, is no one confused as to why it’s taken so long for someone to release a Wonder Woman film? Girlfriend has been a well-known character long before we got a talking raccoon and baby tree to giggle over. You don’t think of Superman without Wonder Woman, or the Justice League without your girl. Yet, we’ve been told to wait.

Well, the wait is over. And what do you know; it took women to save DC’s legacy. No matter how you’ve felt about the other films we’ve been given so far-you can’t deny that this is the first movie that gave us exactly what was promised. The trailer offered a film that was visually stunning, smatthered with some light comedy and a crap load of ass kicking action and we were given all of that and then some. What I must say I loved the most, was that the “big bad” wasn’t in the trailers at all. It was all about bringing Diana to her fans and I’ll forever be thankful for the folks who put those teasers together because they totally get it. It doesn’t matter who she’s fighting or why-there will always be a bad guy. But Diana fights for humanity, for life-she finds the good in everyone and believes every life is worth saving, even that of the enemy. Her motivation is not one of money or power or even revenge. She’s all about the love people, and I can’t find anything wrong with that. 

Patty Jenkins has completely changed the game. She’s even spoken about how a lot of folks tried to hold her back, told her to change things she felt were important for the film. And like Diana, she looked everyone in the eye and said, “No”. She knew what WW was about and it was extremely important for her to deliver a film that lived up to its hero. Women everywhere thank you for that Patty.  

Go see this, it deserves to be seen.

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