King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

I was legit concerned about this one and I’m so mad at myself for ever doubting anything Guy Ritchie has brought to the big screen. This sucker was MASSIVE!! Action for days, acting-acting-acting everywhere and a story that wasn’t the worst! 
If you like anything GR has given us, you’re going to really enjoy this. Aside from Sherlock Holmes, it’s weird to imagine Richie doing a “period” piece but he does a brilliant job of it while still making it his own. I’m serious, if you’re familiar with his stuff, you’ll see the very “Ritchie” elements throughout the thing (even Guy himself if you really pay attention!) like I did and leave feeling totally content to spend your hard earned cash on this thing. I’d happily see it again and I think that says a whole lot right there considering the crazy amount of movies being thrown at us each year.
Seriously kids, go see this!

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