Thor 3: Ragnarok

Absolutely the best of all three films! This one had a great deal of action, a decent (enough) storyline and was just overall brighter. 

I still wouldn't consider it one of the top five Marvel films but you'll want to see this in theaters if you can, the visuals are incredible and completely worth the price of admission. 

There was a lot of humor in this film which, while welcome, comes off as a means of compensating for the fact that the Thor films just don't hold up as well as the other flicks in the franchise. Again, while entertaining, I would've preferred they beef up the storyline a little more. The film is all about Thor's long lost sister returning from exile and vowing to destroy and lord over Asgaard. But that was overshadowed by the silly exchanges between Thor and the Hulk and Loki. They did insert another joke about Loki being adopted though, which really tickled me. After everyone got all up and arms about the joke in Age of Ultron, I'd like to think this was their way of sticking it to the haters. 

I just really liked Kate Blanchett as Thor's sister and could have watched more of her story and their rivalry unfold. 


Not to spoil anything, but they also give you a tiny scene with Doc Strange which is just awesome. I love the way this franchise is handling the cross-overs! They don't seem to be rushing things and are giving each character and storyline their due while still finding intelligent ways of gradually bringing everyone together. Here's hoping Black Panther will give us a bigger piece of the puzzle!

Don't forget to stay for the end credit scenes-all of them!