Listen, there's symbolism and then there's being hit with a brick. This film is the latter. And if you're a practicing Christian, you're going to walk away extremely insulted and with good reason. This was ridiculously over the top. 

I was interested in checking this one out because it's so extremely different from anything Jennifer Lawrence has done before. For some reason they classified it as a horror film but it's definitely not. It's a psychological thriller at best but at no point are you ever scared (at least I wasn't). You do spend the majority of the film trying to figure out just what the hell is going on but again, it gets so extreme and so intense that you almost get annoyed because shit just hit the fan out of nowhere and you simply cannot relax from that point on. 

The acting was fantastic and the direction of the entire film was really ground-breaking but the way the story was told, was just not for me. The general consensus has been you either loved it or you hated it. There is no in between and I don't think anyone would ever need to see it again, even if they did enjoy it. Unless you're a theater major of course. There's a lot to dissect in that regard but for the average movie-goer, I think the message was just a little too ridiculous and downright cruel. Like I said, if you're one of the faithful, this will really upset you. But I see this sucker winning a ton of awards. Is that good or bad? You decide but you've been warned. 

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