Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

The number one question I've gotten has been, "is it as good as the first?" Yes. It's honestly really fun. BUT-It's just NOT the first film. Sure we're introduced to some new characters and the villain is different but in the end the original is always the best because it sets the tone for the sequels. That doesn't mean you should skip this film, absolutely not. It's full of action and cheeky banter and some pretty good plot twists you'll want to check out on the big screen.

I will say I was really disappointed by the lack of Channing Tatum. He's a good dude and the trailers would have you believe he's a major part of the film and he isn't. It's a bummer. Colin Firth is a big part of it like the first though which is nice because again, the trailers would make you think he wasn't in it a whole lot. I also really enjoy the way they write their villains. Samuel L's character in the original was quirky and Julianne Moore's is just as unpredictably nuts. It's nice to be surprised by the big bad every so often, don't you think?

Just be warned, this sucker is 2 1/2 hours long so strap in! Thankfully they give you a ton of action and story to keep the thing moving but at the end of the day they could've trimmed it back. There is a delightful surprise (not really a surprise) cameo in there that just adds to the overall fun of this film that all audiences are sure to appreciate. They've given us plenty of backstory on each of the characters as well as some new opportunities for any number of plotlines so I'm hoping they keep this series going to quite some time. 

Also, if you watch a billion films like myself, you'll note that they use John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" in the film. This was also used in another Channing Tatum film that just came out, Logan Lucky. It just struck me as kinda weird and it's things like that that make me wonder if they were just funny coincidences or if Channing was like, "hey we used this song in this movie, why don't you guys use it here too?" When you watch as many films as I do, things like that stand out and make you go, "huh". 

Hawkeye Rating: 

4 out 5.jpg

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