It Movie Review

I don't do scary movies. Not because I believe any of that would actually happen, but simply because every decision any character ever makes is not one I would make. Hear a crazy noise in the basement of the abandoned house you're in? Nope, because I WOULDN'T EVEN ENTER THAT DAMNED HOUSE! Hello!? Scary movies are just a guide book of bad decisions. "How to get killed immediately by making three really stupid mistakes". Sorry kids, I want to live!

That being said, if you like horror films, you should have no reason to miss this one. By all accounts (including my own), it was darn good! I don't know how many they plan to make in total but I will see them all. I'll only see them the one time but still, it was good enough to get me interested in seeing where the story goes! 

The cast was phenomenal! All of those kids will be getting future movie deals, of this I have no doubt! You've seen some of the kids in stuff already but this film was intense and they did a bang up job in my humble opinion. The special effects were top notch as well, nothing looked CGI at any point which just adds to your overall discomfort because no one likes to believe any of that stuff is real. 

Sadly I can't make any comparisons to the original film as I haven't seen it. I have heard everyone saying that they still preferred the classic Tim Curry Pennywise to the one we've been given here but that's for you guys to decide. Personally, I thought Bill Skarsgard did a fantastic job and while I love Timmy C, I've never been able to bring myself to see the original film. I guess I have no excuse now though, do I?