Blade Runner 2049

2049 banner.jpg

This 3 hour (okay 2 hours and 44 minutes) behemoth really took me by surprise. I thought I'd be bored to tears but once the thing got rolling I was in-all in baby!

The visuals were amazing and the story itself was pretty darn interesting. I liked it way more then the first film and the ending definitely left room for a potential third film. 

In this film, the Replicants built by the Tyrell corporation have been 'retired' following an unsuccessful uprising. New Replicants have been created by the Wallace corporation and while they are still slaves (created essentially for manual labor), they are not considered a threat to mankind. Ryan Gosling plays a Replicant whose job as a member of the LAPD is to find runaway Replicants from the Tyrell era and retire (destroy) them. The movie opens with Gosling (K) confronting one of these old models and discovering what he believes to be a strange object buried on the, now "retired" guys land. Once the object is recovered, the story starts to take form and K is off on a mission to find out more which leads him to Harrison Ford's character who has gone into hiding. 


I don't know that Mr. Ford will be around for the next film if they do make it but they wrap up his character's story pretty nicely so I don't think we'll be missing anything without him. Not to spoil anything, but we're left wondering if there will be a future for K which is another reason why I believe there might be a third movie. 

This one wasn't full of action so the 2 hour 44 minute length might be a little much for some folks but I for one thought they did a decent job of keeping it moving. I recommend it for the visuals alone. The special effects were honestly fantastic while still keeping the overall look in line with the first film-major kudos to set design! 

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