All out war! With viewership down is it because of story line or the quality? We review the first 4 episodes and give our opinions. 

With the third Thor move out and all the hype that Marvel has been able to deliver on. Do they make the grade for the comedic duo?

With so many heroes on one channel what is one to do. Its simple watch all of them. We go over all of them and which show might be on it's last leg.

On this episode of Rewind, Kevin comes back from the wall to talk about the season finale, and review season 7. Also what are our expecations for the last season




Was this a wonderful addition to the Netflix Marvel world all we thought it would be. We find out in our officially first TV Rewind Show! 

In this Episode of TV Rewind Kevin is back and he is ready to drop his knowledge and theories on all things in The Game of Thrones.  

It has been the movie that comes up very often between all of us so we finally decided to watch it together. And we asked ourselves don't other people want to hear us talk. We hope you enjoy let us know what you think?

We have our first guest on and he out shines us all on this episodes with his massive theories out there. 

Our first animated full length movie review. Great starter movie check out how we did.

Iron Fist

Was this a wonderful addition to the Netflix Marvel world we all thought it would be? We find out in our first TV Rewind Show