Marvel Super-Heroes: Guardians of the Galaxy 

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Marvel Super-Heroes:
Guardians of the Galaxy

Charlie-27 returns from a six-month mission to discover that his home planet of Jupiter has been completely enslaved by the evil Badoon. He knows that he wouldn't stand a chance against them on his own, so he teleports to other worlds to find help. First, he joins forces with Martinex on the planet Pluto. Then together they travel to planet Earth, where Vance Astro and the Centaurian Yondu have just escaped from Badoon forces themselves. When Vance and Yondu encounter Charlie-27 and Martinex, they briefly mistake them for more Badoon guards and a misunderstanding fight ensues. However, soon enough they realize that they are all fighting for the same side and a new super-team is born... the Guardians of the Galaxy.