Star Wars: Poe Dameron #17


We begin another new adventure with our favorite Resistance pilot! Poe Dameron No. 17 entitled War Stories: Part One begins with a character fans of the series will be somewhat familiar with, Suralinda Javos (see Poe Dameron No. 7).  Suralinda, a former investigative journalist as well as a former member of the New Republic Navy currently serves as a janitor for the Resistance. Poe tells her that he has a meeting with General Organa and that it's time the Resistance utilizes her real skills.

In previous issues, we saw the Resistance struggle to obtain fuel. In this one, the Resistance is faced with a similar problem, funding. Organa (who doesn't trust Suralinda after she nearly sold Resistance secrets (No. 7)), meets with her in hopes that she can help the galaxy remember why the first order is such a threat and the Resistance is so important.

And so, Black squadron splits up on two separate missions, Poe and Snap Wexley are off to hunt down the traitor Oddy Muva, while Kare Kun and Jessika Pava accompany Suralinda to planet where they hope to catch the First Order doing something incriminating so that they can show the galaxy how dangerous the first order is.

Star Wars: Poe Dameron continues to do one thing very well (actually, it does a lot very well) and that is build interesting characters. Agent Terex, Oddy Muva, and now Suralinda Javos are all great examples of characters you want to read Poe Dameron for. The book is really less about Poe and more about the struggles of Black Squadron and the Resistance. Writer Charles Soule continues to build a strong and vibrant pre-Force Awakens world full of challenges and adventures that only further develop the characters we see on screen.  

As for the art in this issue… I am the last person to criticize art. God knows I couldn't do half as good with all the time in the world but, some of the art for this issue did seem rushed. It's not bad by any means but it isn't anything to write home about. However, artist Angel Unzueta drew what looks like an incredibly imaginative planet for Suralinda and Black Squadron to have a mission on. I look forward to seeing more of it next issue.