Star Wars: Poe Dameron Annual #1

The first Annual from perhaps Marvel's most exciting ongoing series, Poe Dameron, takes place before the events in Episode VII with a stern faced General Organa staring down Poe as he attempts to explain himself and his actions. Upon Poe realizing the futility of it (and that Organa was right) Leia proceeds to tell him that even if he's one of the best pilots in the resistance, he's "…as cocky as he is foolish." We then cut to the present, where our main story takes place. Poe is in a bit of a hot spot, he's found himself floating unconscious in space. BB-8 wakes him up and we watch as the two try and get themselves out of their predicament. They make their way to a busted ship but their troubles don't stop there as the transport is filled with First Order troopers. Poe implements lessons learned from General Leia as he attempts to take down the First Order.

A real treat of this book is examining the almost mother/son like relationship between General Organa and Poe. Poe Dameron also offers an entertaining look at the friendship between Poe and the BB-8. How the adorable droid interacts with his master (like launching his whole body right into the head of a stormtrooper) and help the resistance is certainly one of the selling points of this book. Poe Dameron Annual #1 is a great read for anyone to pick up, especially for those starving for more new trilogy content.

Writer Robbie Thompson, whom has had enormous success in television, working on such shows as The New Woody Woodpecker Show, Ark, and Supernatural, has been making his own dent in the Marvel Universe writing Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme, Venom: Space Knight, and Silk, amongst others.

Artist Nik Virella does a fantastic job on this issue, particularly when it comes to drawing the facial expressions of Poe and Leia. You could erase the word bubbles from the pages and still understand just about everything that is going on in those exchanges. Her work can be seen on All-New Wolverine and Return of the Living Deadpool to name a few.