First Printings of Aftershock's New Dark Ark Sale Out

Unfortunately I, like many others, missed out on Aftershock’s newest title “Dark Ark”. All of the direct market covers, covers A, B and C have sold out of their respective first printings. The newest book by Aftershock Comics is written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Juan Doe. Cullen Bunn is no stranger to the Aftershock stable. He is the scribe for their title “Unholy Grail”. Juan Doe also has contributed for Aftershock, he pencils “World Reader” with writer Jeff Loveness. This twisted tale of destruction and world renewal tells the story of the sorcerer Shrae, creating an ark not unlike Noah. Although, his ark is saving the unnatural and dark creatures of the world before the damning flood kills everyone and everything. A mighty ship carrying vampires, dragons, the naga and the manticore creep through the water. The artwork, writing style and plot will surely make this another breakout success for the young publisher.

With titles like “Animosity”, “Jimmy’s Bastards”, “The Normals”, and “Shipwreck”, Aftershock Comics offers readers an array of reading material.  Aftershock has been steadily growing a solid lineup of comics and creators for someone who is looking for independent options to Marvel, DC and Image. If you follow my Instagram @Holdthekryptonite, you know that I have had a bit of a love affair with Aftershock. I am trying to write this as unbiased as possible. They do not send me free comics on the DL or pay me commission on comics they sell. This is all kosher. Upon discovering them last year I have been digging their work ever since. I feel like now more than ever, a comic book fan can find so many more alternatives to Marvel and DC. The publisher has supplied fans and retailers with advice on how to obtain a copy of “Dark Ark” number 1 if you are a fan whose local shop is out of stock or, if you are said local shop and need to order future printings.  


Below are the options Aftershock Comics is providing.

“For Both Fans and Retailers:
-There are two exclusive variants at Baltimore Comic-Con: One at our booth #2004 and another at the official Baltimore Comic-Con booth. More details on Baltimore Comic-Con here.
-There will be an exclusive variant available at our New York Comic Con (Oct 5-8 2017) booth #2238. More details on New York Comic Con here.

For Fans:
-Tell your retailers to stock more AFTERSHOCK comics so you’ll never miss another issue!
-There will be a second printing of DARK ARK #1! Make sure to share this item code with your local retailer: AUG178573
-Can’t wait for the physical second printing? You can buy issue #1 digitally HERE!
-Act NOW to pre-order issues #2, #3 & #4 of DARK ARK either at your local retailer or digitally before they sell-out too!
-Need to find a local comic retailer? Visit this link.

For Retailers:
-As mentioned for the fans, there will be a second printing of DARK ARK #1 – item code: AUG178573
-Let Diamond know ASAP if you still need issue #2; order code: AUG171122
-Make sure to get your order in for issue #3 (order code: SEP171090) and issue #4 (order code: OCT171097)”