Common Cents: How to Collect Comics on a Budget

This article may not apply to all, but it certainly applies to a large population of comic book fans in between the ages of 18 and 30. Trying to save money and being a comic book collector, they don't gel well together. I am just like you. Upon graduating college and moving out of my Father's house I was faced with more bills than I ever had. I did not want to stop collecting but I did not want to sacrifice saving money. Having savings is very important. After I re-evaluated my finances, and alleviated my wallet of a few titles I was indifferent about. I was able to start saving money while keeping up with my favorite stories. In the end, I didn't miss what I had dropped and wasn't out of the loop on stories I didn’t read. In today's digital age you can sign up for Comixology as an affordable alternative. They have a $5.99 a month subscription plan. You don't even have to buy comics anymore. If you wanted you could read reviews and synopsis online.

A substantial amount of people fall out of comics as they age because life comes first. We have financial obligations and family obligations. Comics because an easy sacrifice. I want this article to help you not only buy comics but to manage your money. I want you to enjoy comics, but not if you can't afford them. It is really important to establish yourself financially first. Once that has been done, go ahead knock yourself out buy all the comics you want. My father wasn't a lawyer but he must have gone through more yellow legal pads than Matt Murdock. A habit I have taken up. I took my pad out and drew a line down the center. On the left-side I wrote all of my monthly debts with their dollar amounts. That includes the necessities like rent and car insurance to the minor debts gas and Netflix. I took the sum and divided it by 4. Now I have the amount of money I must pay per week for my bills. On the right-hand side of that legal pad I wrote what my monthly compensation is (after tax). I found this on my pay check. Now I know what you are going to say next, " I don’t work the same number of hours every week" or maybe you work in a tip related job. In these instances, budget on the lowest average hours or the lowest you might make in tips in a week. That way you are safe from over spending. Take your monthly pay and divide it by 4 to get your weekly pay. Now minus your weekly bills from your weekly pay.

Boom! Now that all of your bills are paid what we have left is disposable income. Now you must decide how much money to save. I would advise to save at least half of this. After you've subtracted your savings you can now decide how much per week you want to spend on comics. It is as easy as that. Budgeting without a plan can be the hardest thing to do. Let this plan be your Sherpa as you climb the mountain of riches and happiness. It is so much easier to spend money than it is to save. As you make more money you can adjust your savings and comic book numbers. What I personally like to do is on very small weeks when I don't spend all the money I allocated for comics I will put it aside for a grail book. 

This budgeting advice that I am sharing isn't the solution for your financial struggles. It is just one of many solutions, one that personally worked for me. You can refer to it not just for collecting comics but for any goal. Now go out and buy a copy of Giant Size X-Men #1 or The Killing Joke.