DC Comics signed who!?!? Ultimate Team UP!

I did not believe it at first. We are talking about a 21st century architect of Marvel Comics. There was a time when the man wrote half the titles. It was made official via DC Comics’ Twitter page. Brian Michael Bendis will have an exclusive deal with DC Comics. I have been mining Twitter for info on this move, but I have not been able to dig anything up. Bendis states more info to come, but he did cite Sam Humphries as an influence on his decision. Thank you Sam. At Marvel he created such characters like Miles Morales and Jessica Jones. While also fleshing out characters like the Scarlet Witch.


Bendis has tremendous experience writing large story arcs. His stories "Secret Wars", "House of M" and "Secret Invasion" were all universe shattering. He has the chops to shift, expand and build the DC Universe. We are going to receive another Geoff Johns style writer in the stable. This man is a Swiss Army Knife, he can write many genres. Writing "Ultimate Spider-Man", "Daredevil" and "Alias" we know he can write gritty ground level characters. We also know he can infuse humor and action into his stories. Bendis also has plenty of team book experience. Writing "Uncanny X-Men", "All-New X-Men" and "Guardians of the Galaxy”. This will come in handy if he takes the helm of books like “Justice League”, “Justice League of America” or “Teen Titans”. 


I would love to see a Mark Waid style "JLA" book. Using the humor from Spider-Man and Guardians with the overall dynamic of his X books I feel like we could see a hell of a Justice League run. Bryan Hitch is writing the book until the end of the month then Christopher Priest takes us into the next year. Once we find out when this move is happening then we can figure how to restructure titles. Even better than a Justice League book, take his Miles Morales “Ultimate Spider-Man” themes and mix it with the Teen Titans for a spin. I would like to see him write for some ground level DC characters. His Nightwing would be so interesting.

Even though he would have to write the character in a JLA or Justice League story, I do not want him on “Batman”. I just don’t get a Batman vibe from his writing. His Daredevil stories got dark and gritty. I just don’t feel that way about him. I have a feeling they will stick him on Batman anyway because of his Daredevil run. Also, because he is a big name. He had his time on a B-List character writing Daredevil. He earned his keep cutting his teeth at Marvel. They will hand him the keys to whatever vehicle they put him on. Whatever book he is on will sell well. Not just on name alone, Brian Michael Bendis is a talented writer. He has been around the block a few times. DC’s Twitter post specified “Multiyear, multi-faceted deal.” He will have full total creative control over whatever he works on. Maybe he will edit an entire character line. Maybe the editor of the Batman books. I excited and cannot wait to find out more info.