Midtown at Midnight: Doomsday Clock #1


Tuesday11/21 at 11:57the midnight release of "Doomsday Clock" number 1 commenced. I attended Midtown Comics in Time Square. I arrived around 11:30 and to my surprise it was barren. I was one of 4 people in the store. I have not been to Midtown in considerable years, so I wanted to check out their offerings. As I browsed the minutes away a crowd started to form at quarter to midnight. Midtown has 4 shelves that span a wall in their shop. On this wall, comics from the entire month can be purchased. At 11:45 the staff started to clear shelves. The mob crowded the shelves in anticipation. Midtown comics staff had to repeatedly ask the patrons to back up and give them room. You could feel the tension building like the inside of a pressure cooker. I was a little boy when the "Death of Superman" happened. I can imagine there were parallels. Hundreds of copies were being laid out across the wall of the store. The laying out of covers across the wall was a line deterrent. A line would have never worked in this case. The staff said that there will not be a line and there wouldn't be a limit to copies one could purchase. This rubbed a few people the wrong way. I heard mutterings of "we will not all get a copy if there are no limits". Trust me, they prepared for this event. The time was 3 minutes to midnight. I could tell people were getting antsy. It was 3 minutes to midnight and we were only allowed to browse the store. The staff was not yet ready for us. I could tell by the way people were browsing that they were annoyed. Picking up items but not quite looking at them. Biding time until their long-awaited bounty can be claimed. You see me centered and circled from Midtown’s Twitter. From that picture you can see the small aisles flooding with anticipation.


At 12, like clockwork we got what we wanted. Pandemonium ensued. A wall of people crowded the comics. Stacks of issues the size of paper reams flew quickly off the shelves. These people must be speculating the lenticular covers. I personally grabbed a lenticular for a myself and a buddy as well as a regular cover for myself. Upon checkout Midtown was giving away doomsday clock buttons and pins. The pin is very nice, a nice thickness and the yellow looks good with the outline of silver. The button was a typical button. I really enjoy how big the button is. I was wondering if it would be the same size as the DC’s Metal buttons are. The “Doomsday Clock” buttons are emasculate them.Days following the release I watched Ebay. What I saw was more modest than I imagined. The regular cover sold for $4.99 and the lenticular cover sold for $5.99. So, on eBay the markup hasn't been completely negligent. I haven't seen a single issue with a $20.00 or more asking price.Only time will tell whether the markup of these comics steadily rise. We only have 1 issue out of 12 released so the story is still up in the air. Geoff Johns is writing so we should see compelling story. I enjoy Gary Frank as an artist. I am not worried about this dynamic duo.