New Color New X-Team: Jean Grey Takes Charge


Marvel Legacy has been interesting so far. Lenticular covers are irritating so I did not purchase any. I enjoyed the classic covers Marvel chose for certain characters. That scraping sound lenticulars make when in contact with one another is like nails on a chalk board. A “back to basics” approach with their characters is what many fans wanted. I did not disagree with Marvel’s move to change characters. “Champions” was the most entertaining book to come out of the youth/gender swap/race swap movement Marvel had. Without Marvel’s initiative we wouldn’t have had that book. One of the decisions is to resurrect the adult Jean Grey in a 5-issueminiseries that will be released in December titled “Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey”. Jean Grey died during Grant Morrison’s “New X-Men” run and has only been revived with the time displaced young Jean Grey. After this revival, Jean Grey will be leading her own team in a new comic. The next X-book is going to be called “X-Men: Red”. We won’t see this until February 2018.


Jean Grey gets a retro makeover. Reminiscent of Jim Lee style 90’s comics. Her hair billowing out the top of her outfit. The deep blue with hits the message home, I like that the red in her costume is low-key. I think this is a very strong costume. The design is minimalist a graphically pleasing gesture of her form.Akin to a Mega Man style mech suit. Jean will be leading the next color-coded team of X-Men. Her team is interesting. Jean will be joined by X-23 Wolverine, her sister Gabby, Gentle (a mutant from Wakanda), Namor, Trinary and Nightcrawler. X-Men group editor Mark Paniccia divulged “We’ve also got one fan-favorite hero joining the team in this first arc”.We can only speculate that maybe the newly freed Wolverine will make the cut. As seen in “Marvel: Legacy” #1Wolverine was mysteriously freed from his adamantium cocoon. It only makes sense to have that tension, chemistry and history on a team.But Paniccia saying only specifying the first it leads me to wonder if it really would be Wolverine. Using Wolverine for what we only know is going to be 1 arc doesn’t make sense. The young time displaced Jean leads the Blue team. For the time being these young X-Men have found a permanent home. We will see if Marvel decides to keep 2 Jean Greys leading teams.“Phoenix Resurrection” and “X-Men: Red” are just 2 of several new X-titles coming out. We will also be given a Gambit and Rogue title and a Legion book.