Guess Who Dominated Diamond's Top-10 Comics of October!

Without sounding like a love letter to DC Comics, DC killed it last month. October was Batman’s month. Metal and its tie-ins are flooding comic shops every week. Batman sells well, it doesn’t always mean it is written well. Of all the dark-matter Batmen, I thought that “The Dawnbreaker” had the best storytelling. The origin didn’t feel rushed, he was the most fleshed out before he became the Batman of his universe. It ended up being number 8 on Diamond’s top 10 list. Seven of the ten titles on Diamonds top 10 for October were Batman titles. It is no secret that Batman is in the middle of a major story arc with the fan favorite dynamic duo of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo at the helm. This has given DC favorable odds to dominate the top 10. Normally “The Walking Dead” reaches the top-10 every month. The single-issue sales have been steadily lowering while sales of their trades have been rising. “The Walking Dead” is turning into a trade-wait casualty. “The Sandman” ran into a similar fate.


“Dark Nights: Metal” number 3 captured the top spot on the list. The first 2 issues of “Metal” along with the Knight one-shot tie ins fleshed out the universe. “Metal” number 3 has taken the world building its predecessors have accomplished and thrusted it into high gear. We were left on a cliffhanger where Superman gets taken into the dark matter universe. “Batman” 32 and 33 took the fourth and fifth spots respectively. Number 32 was the finale of the “War of Jokes and Riddles”, finales usually sell well. Especially when the title is a character like Batman. The 33rd issue continued the Catwoman and Batman love affair storyline that has been lingering in and out of Batman Issues. Tom King extends his run as writer, but he was accompanied by a phenomenal artist. “Lady Killer” creator Joelle Jones joined the fold with her stunning line work. Besides “The Dawnbreaker” being in the 8th spot, “The Drowned” and “The Merciless” book-ended “The Dawnbreaker” at seventh and ninth. I have enjoyed these one-shots and their foil covers. The DC foil covers to me are nicer than the Marvel Lenticulars. DC’s last entry to reach the top-10 list was the new Sean Murphy vehicle “Batman: White Knight”. Even though Sean Murphy gives men beaks, I still enjoy his artwork. His lines are chaotic, and his style has paired well with the titles he has worked on. This Batman story reminds me of the Batman the Animated Series episode “Trial”. Batman being the catalyst of his rogue’s behavior is an interesting concept. I don’t subscribe to it, but it is an interesting twist.


Marvel filled out the rest of the list. Their highest ranked book last month was “The Mighty Thor” number 700. I have a feeling with the legacy numbering we will see more Marvel in the top 10. Especially when a comic reaches a high number. It was the first installment of “The Death of the Mighty Thor” storyline. Thor reached the number 2 spot on the list. Marvel capped the top 3 with “Amazing Spider-man” 789. Peter Parker is back in New York, cleaning up his life post Parker Industries life. In my opinion, “Amazing Spider-Man” needed to be deconstructed. With the “Clone Conspiracy” saga and Parker Industries building up the action and stories, the book was becoming very “big”. The stories were epic, and I was missing the old friendly neighborhood Spider-Man who fought Mysterio or Doc Ock in Manhattan. We are beginning to move towards that with this issue. At number 6 we complete the top-10 list with “The Despicable Deadpool” number 287. Deadpool is going back to what he knows best. Becoming the merc with a mouth, cutting his team affiliations. He is anything but a hero in this 2-part story where he looks to kill Cable.