Guess Who’s Back Writing a Batman Story?

It’s been made official! With the announcement of Grant Morrison returning to the Bat-Universe via Scott Snyder and Grant Morrison's Twitter accounts, we have to ask ourselves. How many times are we going to have to re-read this story before we fully understand it? Luckily, he will be working with Scott Snyder on the project. So hopefully the answer to that question is only twice. Grant and Scott will be collaborating on an installment of the ambitious arc "Metal". The book is titled "Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt" and will be released early next year in February.

Grant and Scott are 2 of Batman's most prolific writers of the 21st century. Besides writing condensed stories such as "Batman: Gothic" or "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth", Mr. Morrison wrote Batman into being a father to his biological son Damian Wayne as well as writing the "death" of Batman(more like the time traveling of Batman) story "Batman: RIP". With Morrison on this book will be filled with esoteric references or deep cuts to the DC Universe. We saw that with Bat Mite in “Batman: RIP”. Maybe some obscure JLA reference will come about in this story. While writing “Doom Patrol” Grant Morrison consumed heavy amounts of Dada. For this story he should look at Flemish painters, I want scenes of otherworldly chaos. The kind of destruction you can only describe as biblical. You have to think with the American Political climate the way it is, Morrison might throw a jab here and there. Grant has never stayed away from being culturally relevant or taking sides on issues. When working on “Animal Man” we read about veganism and animal rights. Apply these principles with Scott Snyder’s ability to build worlds. We are going to be in for a treat. This news broke via Twitter where Scott Snyder was posting pictures of the “Metal” timeline. One picture explicitly said “Metal -Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt w/ Grant Morrison”. This was later confirmed by Grant Morrison’s Twitter account. At this time there isn’t much to go on but speculation. There will be more news in the following months leading to February.