Diamond's Top 10 Comics of September 2017

I love perusing through Diamond Distributor’s website. Besides creating compelling articles about today’s comic news, they also post interesting statistics.  It takes them about 2 weeks into the new month to post the numbers, but every month Diamond gives us the top 100 comics based on units sold. We must go by units and not dollars because Marvel and smaller independents tend to be higher priced than DC. DC is a mixed bag of $2.99 and $3.99 books. I will relegate this to the top 10 comics. Going through the top 100 comics would be more like an essay than an article. It wasn’t a shocker about some of the comics at the top of the list. Number ones, large story arcs beginning or ending and commemorative issues usually litter these lists. They are usually full of hype, creative and speculative value. I present for to behold, the top 10 comics by units sold. This is taken from Diamond Distributor’s website at https://www.diamondcomics.com/Home/1/1/3/597?articleID=200837.

  1. Marvel Legacy #1

  2. Dark Nights Metal #2

  3. Venomverse #1

  4. Batman #30

  5. Batman #31

  6. Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1

  7. Walking Dead #171

  8. Batman The Red Death #1

  9. Batman The Murder Machine #1

  10. Action Comics #987 (Lenticular Edition)

“Marvel Legacy” number 1 being number 1 wasn’t a surprise. Now that Marvel has returned to its original “legacy” numbering, I imagine comics that wouldn’t have garnered any attention, will now. Now that they could be hitting milestone issue numbers. In DC’s stable, “Action Comics” is steadily nearing issue 1000. You know that issue is going to be a giant size book and in the ballpark of $5.00 to $10.00. Publishers are creating instant collector’s items, for what that’s worth. Marvel’s “Legacy” is the beginning of a grand story arc in the Marvel universe. It was going to gain sales, that is for sure, you really must read it to stay current in Marvel. Marvel didn’t show up last month, breaching the top 10 twice. Again, Marvel had another number 1 on the list, this time in the number 3 spot. “Venomverse” #1 was decently built up on the foundation of the miniseries “Edge of Venomverse”. Another comic backed by hype of how good it might be. Cullen Bunn is a decent writer, so it helps a comic to have a good creative team and to have a number 1 issue. Even though Bunn also writes for Oni Press (“The Damned”) and for Aftershock (“Unholy Grail” and “Dark Ark”), I feel he, Brian Michael Bendis, Nick Spencer, Charles Soule and Peter David write practically every Marvel titles.

Unless there are some heavy hitters in a month, the “Walking Dead” remain in the top 10. That speaks volumes for a black and white zombie book. I have never read it, nor have I seen the show, but I do know that people who do read or watch it become hooked. I did not hear about the “Walking Dead” until it was too late. At that point finding the early issues was hard and expensive. I was priced out of the market early on. Seeing it at number 7 isn’t heart breaking by any means. I haven’t seen it crack the top 3 in months. DC and Marvel have been rolling out story arcs and miniseries that have surged sales. No other publisher outside Marvel and DC received much love in the top 100 comics. Image only had 2 titles, “The Walking Dead” #171 at number 7 and “Saga” #47 at 50. The only other publisher not mention already to crack the top 100 was IDW, with their new Star Wars title, “Star Wars Adventures” #1 hitting the charts at 33 and “Star Wars Adventures” #2 at number 73.

DC crushed it in September, not without extenuating circumstances. They claimed the number 2 spot with “Dark Nights Metal” #2, everyone is reading “Metal” and the affiliated one-shots. The creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are working on a magnificent story. With that being said, the 2 “Metal” ties in, “Batman the Red Death” and “Batman the Murder Machine” both crashed the top 10 party. DC didn’t do any favors for the other publishers by releasing the Harley Quinn 25th anniversary special. Her fan base is enormous and the speculators see this as a possible investment. While copies of “Mad Love” (comic book origin story of Harley Quinn) keep rising in value, books like this will draw speculators.  The September installments of the Joker and Riddler story arc, “The War of Jokes and Riddles” (“Batman” #30 & #31) made it to the party. Not having read Tom King before reading “Batman”, I find myself looking for more of his work. I always wonder if Superman just has a stigma behind him, I am not sure why “Action Comics” #987 is the bookend to this list. At the bi-weekly pace they are heading in, in about 6 and a half months “Action Comics” #1000 will be the number 1 book on this list. I guarantee it! Action Comics revealed Mr. Oz’s identity. It was a shocker after internet scribes like myself thought it would be Ozymandias from the “Watchmen”. This book deserves more love, I chalk it up to Superman isn’t always a compelling character. It takes a unique story for the character to grab me.

I can see other “Metal” tie ins and issues of “Marvel Legacy” becoming top 10 comics in October. Like I previously mentioned, large story arcs beginning or ending, number ones and commemorative issues litter these lists.

Let us know what your favorite from this is below in the comment section below.