The Holiday Season is upon us. Like a tidal wave of consumerism, we rush to stores to find the perfect gifts. Some people are terribly hard to shop for. Let’s face it some people wait until the last minute to shop. Let me steer you in a few different directions for those you know of the geeky persuasion. Here are 10 gift ideas to get you started. Some items may seem obscure while others are plain and simple. Any avid fan is sure to love a gift on this list to some degree. Like all gifts, gauge the person who you are giving it to. Not every idea will apply to all comic book fans.

We live in a vast digital age. To consume comics on the go is a popular alternative to buying paper comic books. Comixology Unlimited is a prime way to read comics on any internet capable device. Like Netflix you sign up for a monthly subscription. Perfect if you do not have space for paper comics. Comixology offers you thousands of comics at your disposal. Affordably priced at $5.99 a month, you can gift several months. They have a plethora of new and old comics from seemingly all publishers.

You can break down everyday life into monthly subscription boxes. Blue Apron for food, Dollar Shave Club for toiletries and Trunk Club for clothes. Why not have one for nerdery? This first box is not comic book specific, but it has numerous geeky specialty boxes. Loot Crate is a large subscription box. They even have special edition Funk Pop Vinyl figures. They offer several different crates, the original crate being $15.99 a month and other specialty crates ranging all the way to $59.99. Next, Comic Bento vows to give you $50.00 worth of comic books for $25.00 per month with savings the more months you sign up for. These mystery comic boxes have a general theme that they adhere to much like the Loot Crate that I talked about before. Unlike Loot Crate, Comic Bento is solely comic books and not nerd culture collectibles. The Stan Lee Comic Box, signing up for a monthly account is $19.95 per month and an annual account for $17.95 per month. This will get you a happy medium of the 2 boxes previously mentioned. You can receive comics and nerdy collectibles every month.

This gift idea is on the money if a comic store is not in someone’s area. Gifting comics provides one with an appreciation for art and can help someone who doesn’t like to read. You can go to a publisher’s website and register for 12 issue subscriptions. Think of it like a pull list at your neighborhood comic shop. Marvel is giving a 40% discount on 12 issue subscriptions. DC Comics, depending on the title they are giving a 30% or 40% discount on 12 issue subscriptions. this has been an age-old way of buying comic books. If you look through older books you will find advertisements for subscribing to Marvel or DC.

Absolute Editions and Omnibus are gorgeous hardcover versions of stories and story arcs as well as collected titles by creators. Both are larger format than a comic book with beautiful full color pages. Also in the back they will have sketch pages and other added special material. Think of this special material like special features on a DVD disclosing background information by the creators. I have added a list of several Absolute Editions and Omnibuses and their average price. We have Absolute Watchmen at $75.00, Absolute Dark Knight Returns at $99.99, Absolute Identity Crisis at $99.99, Daredevil by Frank Miller Omnibus at $99.99, Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 Omnibus at $76.13 and Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 Omnibus at $64.49. The price may look high, but they usually collect a large amount of issues. Usually these editions will compile a prolific story.

An Artist’s Edition is an oversized book. Close in size to original artwork. Where an omnibus and an absolute edition will highlight a story. These will highlight an artist with high resolution scans of the original artwork. I have included a brief list of 3 stunning artist editions. Jim Steranko’s Nick Fury Agent of Shield which you can find for $175.00, Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four for $125.00 and Bernie Wrightson Artifact Edition for $125.00. These are by no means cheap but the reasons for buying them are to appreciate art.

This list is subscription heavy. This next subscription is a little different. 2000 AD is a British comic book anthology magazine. In Europe comics are consumed mostly in magazine format. Contrast to the single issue 8.5 by 11-inch format in the United States. In the 80s’s there was an influx of British artist and writers to join DC and Marvel. Most of them worked on 2000 AD at one time. 2000 AD offers many plans. A monthly subscription, 4 – 5 issues depending on how many Wednesday in a month. This will ship to the United States for $28.69. Another plan is a yearly subscription. This is 49 weekly issues to the United States for $313.64. It is interesting to get a worldly scope on the medium of comic books.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been one of Comic’s greatest feats. They have helped usher comics into the public eye. Making comics more popular than ever to a large audience. This gift is for the most hardcore and the most casual comic book fan. There are 2 box sets out on DVD. Own the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 and Phase 2 Box Sets. Watch them over and over by yourself or with a group.

Original artwork can be a special gift. It is unique but can be expensive because these are the drawings that created the comic book. There is only 1 copy of each page and cover. Collecting original artwork is a niche market. It is a small group of collectors residing in the small group comic book collectors. You are essentially an art collector at this point. There are numerous auction sites and websites for original artwork. Vendors appear at comic conventions as well. I have seen original artwork for sale in comic stores too.

This next present isn’t glamorous or fun. It is insanely practical, I personally would love getting these because I am constantly running out of room for my comics. What I am talking about is a long box with bags and boards. Everything to collect and protect my comic books. A package of bag and boards come with 100 of each. A long box can fit anywhere between 250 and 300 bagged and boarded comics.

This last and final gift idea is a simple one. It doesn’t have any frills, you are essentially just buying them comics. Buy that special someone a gift certificate to their favorite comic shop. Most comic shops offer gift certificates. If you don’t know someone’s taste in stories, creators or titles don’t worry. Eliminated the margin of error out of shopping and allow them to pick what they want. It is essentially giving them cash but for a store they love going to.